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Support The Playground!

For too long, this family friendly area of St Albans has been overlooked.
Very little funding has been made available for children’s play equipment. The health benefits of outdoor play are well proven, and such equipment should be inspiring and challenging, encompassed in a safe environment.
Sadly, the Bernards Heath play area is anything but inspiring.
It is very old, neglected, unsafe and totally lacking in variety. It also lacks suitable seating for parents & carers. 


Our community playground could be so much more; providing a fantastic destination for all local families...
but the once cherished playground is falling apart. Our dream is to completely replace what is there by Spring 2024,
with imaginative and inspiring play equipment for children of all ages to enjoy.
Although a fantastic amount has been raised already, sadly it’s not enough to build something truly worthwhile.
So, we need your help with a one-time request to make this possible.

Alternatively, hit the 'Donate Here at Just Giving' button above to donate any amount of your choosing.


One Time Donation

Please join our *“Buy a Brick” Community campaign today. In return for your generous donation of £100, we will present you with a personalised single paving brick for the new playground path as a “thank you”.
We will have your message professionally engraved on it (with two lines of text of your choosing). 

Or for a donation of £150, a double-sized brick is available with four lines of text
(the chosen wording could even be shared with family or friends?)


*Please note you are not actually buying a brick. You are making a voluntary contribution towards our campaign and we will acknowledge your generosity by displaying an engraved paving brick at the entrance to the play area as a thank you.

We just liked the sound of a “buy-a-brick” campaign!

Building A Better Playground -
Brick by Brick


We are so close to delivering the new playground, we can almost hear the shrieks of delight from the children. 
With over £90k now raised, the end is in sight, and we would love your help to complete the refurbishment by Spring 2024.


We know times are difficult for everyone right now.  But what we are asking for is a one-off donation to get the playground transformed.  
For a £100 donation, you will receive a personalised message on an engraved paving brick,
which will be placed at the entrance to our new playground and remain there for generations to enjoy.

This support will enable us to build a brand-new playground that our whole community can be truly proud of
for many years to come.  See our campaign video below.


Please join our community *“Buy-a-Brick” campaign to help reach our goal of 250 bricks. 

We would also love to hear from you if you or your employer could consider making a larger contribution to this exciting community project.

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