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Our brick campaign may now be closed but the playground will soon be opening ...


The playground is currently under construction but will be opening soon. We look forward to hearing the shrieks of delight from the children. 
With over £100
k now raised, we aim to complete the refurbishment during January 2024.


Thank you to all those who  joined our community  *“Buy-a-Brick” campaign to help reach our goal.  
We couldn't
have achieved our dream without you. 

The engraved bricks will soon be delivered to the site.

Option 1. In return for your donation of £100, we will present you with a personalised single paving brick for the new playground path as a “thank you”.  We will have your message professionally engraved on it with two lines of text of your choosing, up to 16 characters per line.
Option 2. Need a little more text on your brick? For £125 you can choose a single brick with two lines of text with up to 21 characters per line.

For this option the lettering can be in BLACK or GOLD.
Option 3. Or for a donation of £150, a double-sized brick is available with four lines of text, with 16 characters per line.
(The chosen wording could even be shared with family or friends?)

 *** Upon request, 3 lines of text on a standard size single brick are available, with gold or black lettering (16 characters per line) ***
Options 4 & 5. For a donation of £300 (for black lettering) or £500 (for fancy gold lettering) we are also offering groups and businesses the
opportunity to receive a double-sized corporate brick as a “thank you”, 
with 16 characters per line including spaces.

All the engraved bricks will then be laid at the entrance to the park, with the funds providing the necessary
boost to buy the new equipment.

*** Option 6. We have limited spaces available for company logos on our main benefactor’s board in return for a £1000 donation ***
Together, let's build a safer and more exciting playground, that our whole community can be truly proud of.​
Alternatively, hit the 'Donate @ Just Giving' button above to donate any amount you can.
Just Giving will prompt you to make a donation towards their website upon checkout - this is a
completely voluntary contribution and you can choose to donate as little or as much as you wish :)
Please contact us at to discuss donations or for any other matters.
Thank you! 

* You are not actually buying a brick. You are making a voluntary contribution towards our campaign and we will acknowledge your generosity by displaying an engraved paving brick at the entrance to the play area as a thank you.
We just liked the sound of a “buy-a-brick” campaign!

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